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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy | Protection

Any data you give us is not thoroughly secure. It can be decoded by another person. By utilizing ClippingPathgraphics.com you can’t yet recognize this reality.

ClippingPathgraphics.com dependably secures any data which is given by our customers when you give data to us through our site.

We Clipping Path Graphics are focused on our customers to secure their protection when they are utilizing their personality and need not to be abused by us by any methods and, which is finished by us, and guarantee by this protection proclamation.


New Customers need to pay some sum before the work begins. An assertion shape needs to top off by clients send by clippingpathgraphics.com and CPG holds the privilege to dismiss any propose or unlawful arrangement from clients with no notice

Benefit quality:

Clippingpathgraphics.com gives 100% administration quality. On the off chance that you are not content with our outline then we can make some rectification administration in the ways you like. In any case, we surmise that we didn’t have to chip away at your upgrade in light of the fact that CPG is the best stage for visual communication.


We discount your cash following 30 days of having buy from our site on the off chance that you assert showing every single legitimate reason

We give:

  • 1. Car Clipping path
  • 2. Car Background remove service
  • 3. Customizing automobile’s template
  • 4. Automotive image editing service
  • 5. Color correction/ Color adjustment
  • 6. Car shadow- Drop shadow, Natural shadow and Reflection shadow

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