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    Automotive Transparent Background


    As the name implies, automotive transparent background is the process of removing the current background and keeping the background empty. Then, you can use that image anywhere you want. Also, you can easily place any of your desired images in the background, if the image has a transparent background. Therefore, it becomes easy to make appealing posters, flyers and stickers.

    You may think it is an easier task, but without a professional touch your image can not attract potential customers. We come with a number of skilled designers who are committed to fulfill your order efficiently.


    How to make transparent car background?

    •     Firstly, you need to launch Adobe Photoshop and then go to the file menu => choose open.
    •    Now, a window will appear and you need to select the image that you want to edit and then press open.
    •   After that, move the cursor to the layers and click twice on the lock icon to unlock the layer. Then, a window will appear and you need to click Ok.
    • Once you open the image in Photoshop, now select the polygonal lasso tool. Using that tool, you need to select the part of the image that you want to delete.
    •  While selecting the image, you may face difficulty. Then, you can use keyboard shortcut + or – to change the image size on the screen.
    •   Now, use your keyboard’s delete key to remove your selected area of the background.
    •  When you go to save your editing, you need to select the format that supports transparency. PNG format is the ideal format to support transparency. So, go to the file menu and choose save as.
    •  Now, a new window will appear, and you need to select the PNG file format and then press the Save button.
    •  Again, a new window will appear and you need to press OK. Therefore, your image has been successfully saved with a transparent background.Car-Photo-Enhancement-Services



    Clip your car for car cut out

    •     Firstly, open your Photoshop software and open the image that you want to cut.
    •     Once you open the photo, now click on the Pen Tool to select.
    •     After selecting the Pen Tool, now, click on the car edges carefully to select the full car image.
    •     Now, move the cursor to the top to click on the Selection menu.
    •     Then, a new window will open and you need to ensure the Feather Radius 1 and Anti-alased and New Selection are marked => click OK.
    •     Next, click on the Hand tool => click CTRL+J.
    •     A new layer named Layer 1 will be created. If you click on the eye of the Background, the Background will be disappeared

    Make your car picture png transparent

    •      To begin with, you need to load the image, on that, you want to give the transparency effect.
    •      Now, move on the layer panel and right click on the background and then select Layer from Background and click OK.
    •      Next, click on the magic wand tool from the left menu and then use this to select the part of the image that you want to remove.
    •      Though we want to remove the background, hold down shift and click to select multiple areas.
    •      After selecting everything that you need to delete, then press the Delete key. Again press ctrl+D to vanish the selection mark.
    •      Once you finish the above task, now, it’s time to save the file as a PNG with the transparency enabled. So, move the cursor to the top and click file and then select Save for Web and Devices.
    •      Then, a new window will appear and you need to ensure the transparency box is checked and then click on the Save button.
    •      Next, name the photo and then select a location and click Save.
    •     Again, to see that the transparency has worked, you need to click the File then open and locate the PNG file that we just created.
    •    Next, open the file by pressing ctrl + a and then ctrl + C and navigate to another image press ctrl + V and hopefully, you see that there is no background.




    Benefit Of Transparent Background images

    Transparent background image offers some amenities. Let’s explore some from here.

    • First, you need a logo that looks eye-catching. A study from Duke University shows that beautiful things appeal human’s mind naturally. When you branding with a transparent         background image, you can easily attract all potential customers.
    • You may need to use a unique background in your car image for different purposes. If you have the image with a transparent background, you can easily place your desired background.  Also, having an image with a transparent background can be integrated into any type of advertisement. You have a chance to modify it based on the platform.
    • Naturally, people like to stick their favorite brand image on their bike, car, or bedroom. If the image has a transparent background, you can make stickers, flyer. This type of advertising can be categorized into ‘word-of-mouth’. Interestingly, 80% of people believe this type of advertising is more trustworthy than other forms.

    Using area for car dealership

    Vehicle display area50.00%
    Office space10.42%
    New vehicle handover10.42%
    Accessories/Lifestyle products/ café/children’s area/info8.33%
    WC/ancillary rooms 3.47%
    Service reception


    It will be better if you keep the minimum 3.5mm width and 2.75mm height for the main door.

    Why Choose us for Automotive Background Editing




    Many things that automotive background editing can do easily using YouTube tutorials. But, the scenario is different because that editing demands professional touch especially in the tire and window section. So, as your helping hand, why did you choose us?

    Experienced and reliable

    We comprise some professional graphics designers who have multiple years of experience. Our team has a good reputation in satisfying a good amount of customers. We know which type of editing and in which section offer you a blissful result and appeal to your potential customer.

    Quick Delivery

    We are committed to taking care of your valuable time. We know you have a tight schedule and need urgent delivery. We try to manage our client’s valuable time efficiently and deliver service at the right time.

    Affordable Price & Discount for Bulk Order

    We offer a reasonable price for our service. If you have a bulk offer, we also offer a discount for that.

    We give:

    • 1. Car Clipping path
    • 2. Car Background remove service
    • 3. Customizing automobile’s template
    • 4. Automotive image editing service
    • 5. Color correction/ Color adjustment
    • 6. Car shadow- Drop shadow, Natural shadow, and Reflection shadow


    Final Thought


    If you want to generate a profit in your car dealership business, you need to do marketing efficiently. Advertising is a strong weapon in marketing because you can reach your desired potential customers easily. For doing advertising, your primary task is to manage an appealing image. Car transparent background service could be perfect to make your advertising journey easier and effective

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